20 Years a Professional Artist - Jai Sol creates art masterpieces by integrating traditional art with digital technology.

His early journey - Act 1, invites you to experience his creative and personal story. His current adventure - Act 2, invites you to be present with him as he merges his life experiences and knowledge of art to curate some of the greatest visual storytelling the world will ever see. Welcome to Jai - ART FROM ANOTHER WORLD.

  • ACT 1 : JAI SOL - 2002 -2024

    Jai has created a vast catalogue of art collections over 20 years. His most notable works, comprising thousands of multimedia artworks, capture his journey as an artist and individual, exploring his expression and creativity. These works are organized into two themed collections: BLUEMEHNDI and DREAMWORLD.  

    Through these collections, Jai conveys his artistic evolution and integration of diverse styles, processes, and themes, blending fine art with digitalstorytelling.

  • ACT 2 : J-AI - 2023 to PRESENT

    After showcasing art at his private galleries in Manchester and Soho, London, for several years, Jai embarked on a new journey of self-exploration and creativity. He experimented with AI generative tools and processes, integrating them into his traditional and digital art. Within months with ai technology, he produced ten unique projects and collections of art.

    Jai will share the details of these projects on his social media platforms and his website blogs.

Thank you for experiencing my art & vision. I hope my creations inspire and enhance you and impact your lives.

Who am i

I am a self-taught, independent visual artist from the north of England. My life and creativity are deeply inspired by people, culture, and spirituality. Observing the world around me, I create interpretations of what I see, think, and feel, with each piece depicting moments from my experiences.

My artistic journey truly began in 1999, when I was a creative individual searching for guidance and inspiration. I decided to look inward and dedicated sixteen years to studying art, philosophy, and spirituality. This process was both challenging and transformative, allowing me to rediscover my authenticity, purpose, and confidence to create from my intuition. Over this long and introspective period, I amassed a vast collection of artworks, each piece a reflection of my personal journey and growth.

My art is a blend of various mediums, including paintings, illustrations, photography, and digital editing. I utilize both traditional and modern artistic methods to create textured, atmospheric aesthetics that convey narratives in both old and new styles. Currently, I am experimenting with the latest in creative technologies, fusing my digitally crafted art with cutting-edge AI tools. This integration of traditional artistry with modern technology allows me to push the boundaries of my creativity and explore new realms of artistic expression.


Creating Art helps me to understand the world, who I am and everything beyond that. Sharing my art allows others to experience what I discover and interpret it how they want. 

I am genuinely a curious person and will look to source information, narratives and ideas from life, people and their experiences. I like to convey some of what I see in my art and imbue it further with alternative adaptations of the subject from my imagination, my insights and my vision. It is the familiar aesthetic alongside my adaptation of it that truly makes it a visceral, intellectual and transformative experience for both me and the viewer.

I’m a visual storyteller and my art, the subjects and the aesthetic invites people to form an understanding of the art and curate their adaptation or version of the story. Each artwork is part of a collection of stories that independently articulate my vision for the piece and the overall theme of the collection. Each theme partly stems from my dreams and partly from a desire to transform a subject or narrative from real-life events, historical fiction, philosophy of culture, the arts, the natural and conceptual worlds and elements of spirituality. Within each piece are clues and ideas that describe the story and theme and are purposefully positioned to attract attention and provoke a response.  


Themes are crucial in my work, as they help communicate the ideas within my art and enable people to understand my motivations and creations more deeply. Each theme I explore allows me to delve into and understand a particular subject, directly shaping my life and perspective.

When I create art with a focus on spirituality, I immerse myself in Vedic sciences and practices. This engagement not only deepens my connection to the spiritual realm but also influences my daily life, infusing it with a sense of purpose and inner peace.

Themes from pop culture enable me to capture the essence of contemporary society, blending modern influences with historical elements to create a dynamic dialogue between the past and present. This exploration helps me stay attuned to current trends and societal shifts, reflecting them in my art.

Historical themes provide a rich tapestry of events and figures that I reinterpret, offering new perspectives and insights. This historical context enhances my work with depth and complexity, allowing viewers to connect with the past in meaningful ways.

Fiction, on the other hand, serves as a playground for my imagination, where I can construct alternative realities and narratives. This creative freedom challenges conventional thinking and opens up new possibilities for storytelling.


Philosophy profoundly influences my art, drawing on the wisdom of thinkers like Jiddu Krishnamurti, Alan Watts, and Lao Tzu. Their teachings on self-awareness, the nature of reality, and the pursuit of inner peace resonate deeply with me. I incorporate their discoveries into my art, embedding philosophical insights within my work to provoke contemplation and inspire a deeper understanding of the human condition.

Humor is a significant theme in my art, often influenced by the dark comedy of British greats like Monty Python and The League of Gentlemen. It allows me to address serious subjects with a light-hearted touch, making complex ideas more accessible and engaging.

Social commentary is another critical aspect of my work, where I examine societal issues and injustices. Through my art, I provoke thought and inspire dialogue, encouraging viewers to reflect on the world around them.

By intertwining these diverse themes, I create art that is reflective and transformative. Each piece becomes a journey of understanding, continuously evolving my perception of the world and my place within it. My art, therefore, is not just a reflection of my thoughts and feelings but also a tool for personal growth and a deeper comprehension of the subjects I explore.


I draw inspiration from interactions with people, finding joy in presenting my work and learning how others perceive and feel about it. I aim to guide viewers to the intricate details and subjects within my art, offering them a moment to absorb and reflect on the pieces. Through this process, viewers can express their personalities, thoughts, and insights, making each exchange monumental. These interactions not only provide me with new perspectives but also foster meaningful friendships.

My unconventional journey of exhibiting his art began in humble settings such as temples, churches, care homes, market stalls, and labor clubs in Lancashire, England. Each of these experiences was overwhelmingly positive, opening doors to further opportunities to exhibit my work and connect with diverse communities. My dedication and talent earned me prestigious opportunities to display for royality, prime ministers, heads of state, entertainers and art collectors. I also showcased at several private events hosted by King Charles.

One of my most significant achievements was exhibiting at Wembley Stadium, where a giant screen displaying my art was showcased in the venue and viewed live by 2.3 billion people on television. My work has also been projected at fashion shows, spiritual events, music concerts, and wellbeing festivals across Europe and South Asia. Each event helped to reach a broader audience, share my artistic vision, and build connections with people from all walks of life. These experiences elevated my profile and enriched my journey, inspiring me to create and share art with the world.


In 2019, I established my private gallery in Manchester followed by another in London's Soho district in 2022, showcasing my early collections. These galleries served as hubs for creativity and community, where my audiance can immerse themselves in my work firsthand.

Currently, I am deeply invested in several projects with a strong emphasis on serving people and creating art with a powerful social message. I am committed to using my art as a catalyst for positive change, aiming to address pressing societal issues and inspire meaningful dialogue.

In addition to my online presence, I am involved in various creative ventures, including :

Netflix TV series - Maya-i

National Exhibition - Liberation Street

Projection Experience - The Dreamworld

Book - Real time diary of a dead artist.

Social Ai-d

spearheading innovative art projects that challenge traditional boundaries and spark conversation.

With am dedicated to my vision of using art as a force for good, making a meaningful impact on individuals and communities around the world.

Art Shop

I am excited to now share my creative adventure on this website.

I will decorate this platform with art, projects, news and my visual diary.

I will host ART DROPS four times a year where a art prints from my collections will be made available to own wordlwide.

I intend to make my high quality art prints accessal and affordable to all by offering several sizes for one price.

My blogs will give insights intomy creative process and the messages behind the pieces.

Through my website, I aims to build a vibrant community where people can explore my art, engage with my projects, and connect with others who love creativity and social change. I'm all about making art inclusive and inviting everyone to join mr on my artistic journey.

Thank you for experiencing my art & vision. I hope my creations inspire and enhance you and impact your lives.

For me, they are a gift. They appear from deep within my imagination, my multidimensional world. I use my artistic skill, my conscious mind, and understanding of self to transform them into two-dimensional portals using shapes, patterns, and colors that have meaning, stories, and depth reflecting my experiences and awareness of the world around me.

They are truly gifts that I have received for over 20 years and have guided me to healing,understanding, and loving my life. The journey has been treacherous and enlightening, and throughout it, I have learned to appreciate the value of self-expression and authenticity in this experience we call life. I am fortunate to have art as my guide, my god,the one thing that helps me understand myself. I want to share this with as many people as possible so they may experience and understand themselves. I may be showing you art here, but in total honesty, I’m sharing the power of art and how we all have an innate, supernatural ability to see art in everything. At any moment, we can interpret, adapt, and transform anything with our power, insight, and love.


Art is magic. It's very simple.
It can transform your thinking, then your feeling, then your being, and your life if you allow it to.

You see, every human is an artist, and their life is the art.

Each person is born with the gift to create beautiful, interesting, and unique things that can inspire, impact, and influence the world. At every moment, we can create a thought that leads to action, which others can experience, feel, and explore with us as observers of us or our art. By simply living, we are in their art too, looking at it, understanding it, and collaborating with them to make life, make art.

Ideally, we want our lives to be masterpieces that fulfill us and others. We want to express ourselves and be seen for who we truly are. We all want to understand ourselves and the world we live in so we can experience harmony, love, and growth.

To become the creators of art and assign meaning to every experience, we must become aware of the power of our imagination, the tools we use to create our art, how deeply we want to feel and express emotion, and most importantly, why we want to share ourselves. To make authentic art is to be open to vulnerability and be exposed to all forms of judgment and opinion. There’s no guarantee that your art or life will be recognized or received as valuable or interesting or anything, but as long as you have expanded due to the process and experience of creating art, your life, for yourself first, you will not care for any form of recognition or validation. You will simply know the value of your opportunity to create in life. Life is an ongoing masterpiece that you can either watch happen and be open to how it impacts you or you can pour your heart, mind, and soul into it and be aware of how you can impact others with your art. The more you merge into it and surrender all forms of conditioning, intellect, and ego, you will uncover a higher form of self that is directly connected with source, the essence of life. From there, you will access information and clarity that will allow fluid communication with and to the universe and all the magic known as creation. You will become synchronized, a conduit to the ultimate power, and your art, your life, will be pure service.


Please visit my official website to learn more about my art, vision and journey.