With over 16 years of experience as a self-publishing artist, Jai is now offering his new collections in the form of Prints, Framed Prints and Originals. 

Jai's creations are explicitly crafted to come alive in print. ​

His unique creative process, infusing handmade art with computer software allows him to fully utilise digital printing technology and fine-tune his art to achieve an optimised aesthetic. Jai invested twenty years developing this technique to best showcase his creativity. 


Artworks are available in Framed Originals, Framed Limited editions 1/10, Limited edition Art Prints and open editions.

Framed Originals -

are the original adaptations of the artwork when created by Jai Sol. It is the first and last print of the piece that is specifically framed with decisions and thoughts handwritten by the artist behind the art.  


Framed Limited editions 1/10

are replicas of the artwork's original work with edits made by the artist. Framed editions are rare with only ten available and are beautifully housed in a handmade wooden floating frame with the art printed onto aluminium. Descriptions, diaries, and thoughts are handwritten by the artist behind the art.


Limited edition Art Prints

are replicas of the artwork's original artwork in the form of a high-quality fine art print with a white border. Each art print is personally hand-signed by Jai Sol. 

Open Editions 

are replicas of the artwork's original artwork in the form of a high-quality fine art print with a white border with unlimited replicas in two sizes.



Artworks are available in various sizes to suit your space. Our prints are ready to hang or be housed in a frame. 

14x18 inches : open edition - 20x25 inches : open edition

28x35 inches : edition of 1000

32x40 inches : edition of 500 - 40x50 inches : edition of 100



We pride ourselves on making stunning art that is accessible and affordable. Jai wants his creativity to be enjoyed and experienced by people and therefore has made the prices for his edition prints at -  

£200 - £1000 Per Print

£1,000 Limited Edition 1/10 Prints  

£1,500 Limited Edition 1/10 Framed Prints

£15,000 Original Framed Prints

Quality Prints  

Our prints are of the finest quality, archival, acid-free papers, capable of reproducing images at a very high resolution and are available in various sizes to suit your space.


Printing Process - Giclee 

We used Giclee for our print printing process whereby microscopic dots of pigment-based ink are sprayed onto archival-quality paper to ensure the fidelity of a limited edition print to the original artwork.

The richness, accuracy and depth of colour are thanks to the method’s potential to achieve a huge colour gamut (the spectrum of colours distinguishable by the human eye). Unlike the four tones used in lithography, giclées often use five: light cyan, cyan, light magenta, yellow and black.


Paper - Hahnemuhle German Etching

Matt / 310gsm. A heavy-duty paper with a more textured finish than Photorag, a velvety matt surface, and a warm white hue with traits of a traditional artist board — reproduces painterly images, lithographs and pastels superbly.


Limted edition & Original Artworks are housed in contemporary, gallery style frames that compliment and enhance the aesthetic of the artwork.

Our Frames

Our framed artworks are a pleasure to behold in person. Jai uses the finest materials for print and hand selects the framing for his works. He aims to provide a premium quality durable product to last forever.

The stand-out contemporary luxury art piece – flawless HD acrylic print
rendered on sublime materials, seemingly captured in a custom-made sustainable wooden frame. We leave each perfect glossy diamond-cut edge of the acrylic exposed, giving the semblance that the image might  float away. The effect is mesmerising, making this the perfect choice for a Jai Sol digital masterpiece in a place of prominence.


The profile of each tray frame is - 52MM in height and 16MM in width.  Premium tray frames come in a host of colours and finishes. Our Range includes - Tray Brown, black, white Tray OAK Veneer, Tray Walnut Veneer, Tray Wenge Veneer, Tray Champagne Gold, Silver and Bronze. Patrons will be provided with colour and finish options on the purchase of their artwork.

Finish & Certified

Jai with his framing production team fine-tuned the digital artworks to compliment the printing processes and finishes available - Gloss & Matte.

Gloss offers a high-definition crisp look with colours that pop.
Alternatively, Smooth Matte has an anti-reflective finish and a soft
matte look. Colours, patterns and tones still look sharp in Matte.

Certified - Canon pigment inks are guaranteed for 100+ years. Ready to hang - Supplied with an aluminium sub-frame as standard. Optional aluminium spacers are also available. Finishing - High gloss hand buffed edges. Sizes -Up to 70  inches in diameter.

Notes On Framing

Answers to question such as - How Should I Frame My Art? Can I Use Store-Bought Frames? Should I Use a Custom Framer? Make It Archival, & Hanging Your Art

  • Delivery of artworks ordered before our official sales drop in July will be delivered within 3 weeks from purchase.


    Art prints ordered during the time of our sales drop will be shipped immediately at the end of the drop and will take up to 3 weeks to be delivered. Delivery is included in the price of prints and exclusively available in the UK only until the 1st of September 2024