A collection celebrating the vibrant spirit of everyday English life.


Dive into the essence of these characters—proud, cool, hip, loyal, and undeniably patriotic. Spanning middle and high-class demographics, this series captures the rich tapestry of personalities from urban streets to rural landscapes. Embodying a deep love for their country, these individuals radiate a unique charm that resonates across diverse communities. "Cool Britannia" breaks away from convention by spotlighting adults, offering a fresh perspective on English culture and fostering respect for the generations that shaped it. Join us in exploring the pride, humor, and character that define these iconic figures.


Location - London | Vocation - Fashion Writer | Quote - " there is no life without chaos"

Step into the captivating life of Pam Grievs, our esteemed fashion icon. Her remarkable journey unfolds with unwavering determination as she pursues her dream of owning a fashion brand, overcoming a lifetime of challenges rooted in a humble background. Inspired by the legacy of her late grandmother, who, amidst poverty, crafted unique clothes for the family, Pam is driven to honor her nanny's memory by aspiring to become the world's leading fashion designer.


Location - Bradford | Vocation - Mechanic | Quote - " I just want to be me"

Step into the vibrant life of Ashok Singh, an exuberant individual radiating energy, love for life, and passion for music and performance. Ashok's journey is one of vulnerability and extravagance, as he courageously embraced his true self, breaking free from the expectations of his traditional Indian family. Departing home at an early age, Ashok sought independence and authenticity, choosing to live openly, authentically, and unapologetically true to himself.


Location - Dorking | Vocation - Fun & Mishchief | Quote - " We have a designer mentality"

Step into the extravagant lives of the Joneses, your neighbours who redefine the concept of living for others' approval. Antony and Josephine Jones have dedicated their lives to reclaiming freedom, especially now in their 60s. They love fancy clothes, houses, toys and parties. They have completely let go of all conventions and are simply playing in life.


Location - Birmingham | Vocation - Teacher | Quote - "I am proud of my Inheritance"

Hailing from Trinidad and born into a family of twelve siblings, Auddtett Mary stands as the sole member to join the transformative Windrush generation that arrived in England. This extraordinary individual not only navigated the challenges of being a trailblazer but also adopted six children while tirelessly working three jobs throughout her life. Auddette's indomitable spirit culminated in the realisation of her dream – becoming an English teacher.


Location - Bolton | Vocation - Bookie | Quote - " I love feeding people"

For a serving of chips paired with engaging political discourse, Frank is your go-to person. A dedicated individual with deep community ties, Frank, a former mayor, is driven to lead and share his unique perspectives on life. Frank Chippoe serves as his platform to discuss current affairs, offering insights into the book he's currently reading. His commitment to instigate change stems from the memories of his father, who endured repeated job losses due to the privatisation of businesses in England. This impactful experience during his formative years fueled Frank's determination to be a knowledgeable and courageous force against systemic challenges.


Location - SOUTHPORT | Vocation -DJ/CLAIRVOYANT/MILKMAN | Quote - " Lets all have a disco"

Indulge in the vibrant personality of Terry Flowers, who thrives on spreading joy. Proudly unmarried with no children, Terry, a gay individual, boasts a colorful journey. In the 1980s, he balanced his early mornings delivering milk with his nights as a mobile DJ, spinning disco hits in various labor clubs. As life unfolded, Terry transitioned into a clairvoyant, sparked by a deep connection with the spiritual realm following the passing of his dear mother, with whom he shared most of his life.


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